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General Game Faq
The game installs, but it will not run :
1. You may have an old version of Direct X. Version 9 or higher is recommended for our latest games.
2. Make sure you have an up to date Certified version of your Video Card or Sound Card drivers. To check if your drivers are Direct X Certified, from your start menu, go to Accessories / System Tools / System Information. From here select the Tools / Direct X Diagnostic Tool from the drop down menu. Now click on the various tabs across the top of the panel to check if all of your hardware is Direct X certified. If any of the drivers are listed as uncertified then you should try to get some updated versions from the hardware manufacturer.

The game runs, but the display is all messed up :
If you can run the game, but are presented with a corrupt screen then you should check your video board and drivers (see 2. above). Also it is recommended that your video board have at least 16Mb of RAM, certain games such as the Tycoon series need 32Mb video board.

The game runs, but it is very slow :
Game performance may be increased by lowering its screen resolution.
You do this from the Configuration Panel that appears before game loads. Choosing a lower resolution and lowering bit depth to 16bit can help increase game speed.

The game runs OK, but it keeps juddering and slowing down sporadically :
This may be due to a slower processor or video board. Also if your PC is low on memory this may cause a problem. If you have less than 64Mb of RAM, you may suffer from sporadic slowdown. Try to make sure there are no other programs running in the background, also tasks running in windows' system tray can take up valuable system memory that the game may need to run smoothly, shut down as many of these as possible.

I can't select the icons on the Start Screen :
This is a rare problem that may occur on a few low end 3D Video Boards while running in higher than 640x480 resolution. Updating the video drivers for your video card may fix the problem. If not then running the game in 640x480 resolution should stop it occurring.

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