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• MS Win 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
• Pentium III 1.4GHz or greater
• 512MB RAM
• 64 MB DirectX compatible video card
• 800MB HD space
• DirectX 9 compatible sound card

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PRISON TYCOON 2 : Maximum Security, is a worthy successor to the best-selling Prison Tycoon. Following in its predecessor's footsteps, it allows you to build and run your very own correctional facility from the comfort of your own home, but now with even greater attention to detail and realism! PT2 uses 3 REAL US penitentiaries; Angola, Leavenworth and McNeil Island, as its inspiration. The landscapes are designed to closely match the real locations and every effort has been made to ensure that the prison buildings have an authentic look and feel.

Control the layout of your prison buildings and the arrangement of the rooms and facilities within them. Place dormitories and cellblocks, mess halls and gymnasiums, but don't expect to be able to build death row right away.

When you begin you will have a low security rating and must, with effort and managerial skill, improve your prison, maintain inmate discipline and increase your security to maximum. As time passes more inmates will arrive and you must deal with each new influx as they step off the prison bus, all of them needing to be housed and fed.

Raise funds for the upkeep of your inmates, staff and facilities by building on-site factories where your inmates can work. Will you rehabilitate offenders by allowing them learn trade skills or educate themselves while in prison, or discuss their issues with the prison Therapist? Or will you simply send in the guards to quell unrest...

PRISON TYCOON 2 is playable, entertaining and addictive! The new game is packed with lots of new features. Here are just a FEW of its many unique and compelling highlights.

High level AI, with friendly interaction and fighting between inmates dependant upon mood and gang affiliation. Guards will subdue agressive prisoners, medical staff treat injuries, Chaplains administer to prisoner's spiritual needs and Therapists talk to prisoners to lift their spirits.
Much greater character interaction than ever before, see prisoners, talk laugh, fight and engage in all out riots.
New prisoner injuries and deaths. See prisoners limp around the prison after sustaining a major injury and even see the prison ground littered with the bodies of the injured and dying.
New guard dogs can now be hired and trained to keep the more agressive prisoners in check.
New RIOT guards complete with riot gear, shields and weapons
Over 100 different prison buildings to place and furnish.
New security fences and gate building system allowing player complete control over the size and layout of the prison area.
3 unique and highly detailed 3D landscapes based on real life locations.
Prison Tycoon 2 Screenshot Prison Tycoon 2 Screenshot Prison Tycoon 2 Screenshot Prison Tycoon 2 Screenshot Prison Tycoon 2 Screenshot
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